NACC Story

Marco Campos and Roland Trevino founded NACC Construction in 2020 because they recognized the absence of integrity and sustainability often seen within construction projects. They sought to build a company that operated by a different standard, and so NACC construction was formed.

Creating value for our customers through internal alignment, enhanced synergies and integrated project execution.

NACC is intended to fill a niche in the service offerings of Campos EPC (CEPC).  CEPC is a Colorado based company that has been in existence for more than 15 years. From its inception, CEPC has provided engineering, procurement and construction services to pipeline operating companies. CEPC’s other affiliates include Novitech and CVG Staffing Solutions. Novitech is an in-line pipeline inspection company headquartered in Ontario, Canada. CVG Staffing Solutions is a Colorado based staffing company with principal offices in Denver, Colorado.

There is a synergy that exists within the partnership of these companies that allows for programs and projects to be completed with the highest quality.

Community Impact

How our projects affect the surrounding community and environment are of the utmost importance to NACC. Beyond ensuring the health and safety of both the community and the environment, we hope to uplift the future of both. Our community outreach mission is to elevate under-represented minority and female students through STEM education initiatives. We have partnered with Shepherds Gate to aid mothers suffering domestic abuse and College is Real to help underserved high school students preparing for college. We also  support the development of affordable housing in the communities we operate.

Together we can build a brighter future for our under represented students and communities in need.

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Learn more about our partner in community outreach, the Campos EPC Foundation, and our collective impact around the country.


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